Upgrade Your Riding NOW!

Upgrade Your Riding NOW!

To the Heart-Centred Rider Who Knows Your Horse
Deserves the BEST:

What if riding could be easy and fun for both you and your horse so you can enjoy more rapid and consistent progress, whatever your chosen discipline?

With Results Like These:

My instructor said 'I don't know what you're doing but he has never been so good and he seems so happy.'

"We are now progressing significantly. Last week I did an online test and I was just over the moon!"

Now I feel that I actually have got enough techniques to do a much better job and give my horse a much happier, healthier ridden life. That is exciting!

It's No Wonder Our Clients Are RAVING About
Our Unique Approach to Riding and Training!

As a heart-centred rider or horse owner, we know you want to have fun and enjoy working towards your chosen goals while preserving and enhancing your horse’s health and happiness.

But is your day to day reality matching up with that dream?
Which of these ring true for you?

  • You keep trying the same things but aren't making any real progress.
  • You ride endless circles on a resisting horse and feel like neither of you are getting anywhere or having any fun.
  • You (or your horse!) are unhappy at what you’re asked to do in lessons, like riding with very short reins, a strong contact, an over bent neck or relying on gadgets.
  • Dressage judges’ comments leave you frustrated and confused with no real understanding of what it is they really want or how to actually achieve it.
  • You or your horse just find schooling boring!
  • You avoid riding in the school altogether in favour of hacking out or jumping instead. (Well, they’re more fun, aren’t they?)
  • You’ve been told your horse isn’t talented enough but you love him to bits.
  • You worry that you aren’t good enough to do him or her justice.
  • You worry that you’re going to break your horse if you carry on doing what you’re doing.
  • You have a new horse and want to ‘get it right’ this time.
  • You don’t live close enough to a good teacher who can answer your questions and guide you in your schooling.
  • You already have a great teacher and you love your lessons - but life in between times seems to throw up challenges that you just don’t know how to deal with.
  • What you learned in your last lesson worked really well at the time but it just doesn’t seem to help with other horses you ride

If any of this resonates with you then
you’ll want to read every word on this page, because


So why is it that riding horses can seem so downright difficult sometimes?
Well, because it is!

Riding horses in a way that preserves and enhances their health, happiness and longevity is more difficult than most people would like to admit.

The thing is, as you’ve probably already realised from your own experience, every horse is a unique individual.

Some, thanks to centuries of selective breeding, are born with an amazing athletic physique, eye-catching beauty and incredible grace. They’re light on their feet, quick to respond and highly manoeuvrable.

But many horses (i.e. the ones that most of us own and ride!) are born with less than exceptional natural talent and a few even struggle to use their own bodies in an efficient and effective way - even before anyone sits on them!

Horses like this can still become lovely riding horses - it’s just that they need a lot of help and consistent, appropriate training even to learn how to balance themselves when carrying a rider, never mind attempting to jump a clear round or competing in dressage.

And YOU’RE the one they’re going to rely on for help!

This means that caring riders like you are going to
face some serious challenges:

  • Even if you’re lucky enough to have a horse with an exceptional level of natural ability, you still need to learn how to influence his awesome walk, trot and canter without pulling, gripping or otherwise compromising his amazing natural gaits.
  • You need to know how to communicate what you want him to do in a way he can actually understand and respond to - and you need to know how to do all of this without causing him any pain or irritation.
  • And if you have a more ‘normal’ horse (or maybe even one of those horses that was even less blessed by mother nature...) he’s going to need a lot of help and good training to cope with simply carrying a rider at all before you can even think about asking him to tackle more demanding challenges.

Now, you may not realise it, but most teaching today actually stems from 19th century military origins and is often focused on how to get horses to ‘follow orders’ and fit into a certain framework that’s considered ‘correct’. 

To meet the needs of teaching large numbers of recruits, the military needed a set of universally applied methods and processes designed to maintain consistency across a wide range of riders. 

And although it’s easy to understand why that was necessary in the old days of the cavalry, this ‘one size fits all’ systematic approach doesn’t always lead to success, especially with the less talented (often described as ‘naughty’, ‘over sensitive’ or ‘difficult’) horses that most people actually own.

Even if you are fortunate enough to have a horse with huge amounts of natural talent, or have one who has been trained to a high level of education by someone else, unless you yourself know how to ride with the sensitivity and understanding that will keep him at this highly-tuned level, your horse’s performance and responsiveness - as well as his good will and enthusiasm - will inevitably deteriorate as time goes by.

And if, like most of us, you have a more ‘normal’ - or even a very ‘ordinary’ - horse he will inevitably struggle, unless you are sufficiently knowledgeable and adaptable to understand what help he’s asking you for from one moment to the next. 

And what’s more, you need to know how to give him the exact help he needs in the right way - a way that will progressively develop his ability to carry himself without your support in the future.

So what that all boils down to is this:  

If the horse you’re riding is leaning on your hands, refusing to take a contact, hollowing, bracing, ignoring your legs, refusing to bend, refusing one canter lead, resisting going sideways, running off, napping, spooking, bucking, rearing or any of the myriad of other unwanted behaviours we could list...


...it’s not because he wants to GIVE you a hard time...

The real problem is that he’s HAVING a hard time -
and he’s crying out for your help!

But don’t despair, there is hope!

There is a proven way of riding and training that makes it possible for everyday riders to understand what their individual horses have been trying to tell them and give them the help they so desperately need.

It’s been tried and tested over many centuries and it’s summed up in one word:


Let us introduce ourselves:

We are Derek and Jo Clark, creators of the Schooling Made Simple online coaching programme, and we’re here to help you put LIGHTNESS into practice with your own horse.  

As a former Olympic coach and Olympic athlete we know exactly how to get people and horses working together to produce a harmonious team.

And having studied directly for over 10 years with the French classical master Philippe Karl, founder of the internationally renowned Ecole de Légèreté (School of Lightness), we’ve learned how to teach and apply the principles of lightness first hand, from one of the very best.  

Our passion is helping modern-day, heart-centred riders just like you find horse-friendly solutions to your problems, make your riding more enjoyable AND have happier horses.

Since founding The Holistic Equitation Centre in the UK in 2009, we’ve helped horses and riders from all over the world discover a way of riding and training that’s enabled them to achieve more than they ever dreamed possible, even with horses that were previously considered difficult, too sensitive or ‘unsuitable’.

We’ve each spent the last 20 years - and more money than we’d care to remember - reading books, studying videos and DVDs, taking lessons from masters, attending clinics and making countless mistakes. We’ve even soldiered our way through the original works of the old classical masters - including many texts that have never been translated into English.

But we're going to help you short-circuit all that - because we've distilled down the knowledge we’ve gained in 20 years of full time study and practical experience with horses (plus our 89 years’ combined experience in riding and other sports) into an easy to understand format that you can put into practice to improve your riding and training.

After a near-fatal car crash with a drunk driver forced us to close our centre, we decided to take our teaching and training online. And we’ve discovered that this actually enables us to reach and help even more people and horses all around the world (every cloud really does have a silver lining...!)

So, if you’re searching for the
‘secret sauce of equitation’

that will help you:

Escape the gravitational pull of your current plateau

Make more rapid progress

Improve your horse’s state of mind

And reduce the risk of injuries

Then we have some great news because our own horses, and those of our clients from all over the world, consistently tell us that:
lightness is the kindest and the most effective way to ride, train and develop the horse of your dreams.

Now maybe you’ve already heard of ‘lightness’ and you may even be lucky enough to have lessons with a good teacher who understands this approach.

But putting what you’ve learned into practice in your daily riding when your instructor isn’t there in person can still be easier said than done if you don’t have an overall map and compass like we teach in our online coaching programme outlined below. 

And if you aren’t fortunate enough to already live close enough to a good teacher who can help you:

You’re left feeling pretty lonely and incompetent, leading you to lose motivation...

You know what your problems are but you get frustrated at your lack of progress…

You worry that you aren’t choosing the best approach or even making some serious mistakes...

 Because when it comes to riding horses,
lightness is a concept that is easily misunderstood

Lightness is not about having big loops in your reins or avoiding contact with your horse’s mouth.
And it’s not about creeping around the arena without any forward activity either. 

Lightness, if properly pursued, brings the mythical ideal of the ‘centaur’ to life -
even for the everyday rider with an everyday horse!

Riding in lightness (or ‘riding light’ as we call it - which has nothing at all to do with your physical weight) creates an incredible partnership where two separate beings become one - as if telepathically connected. 

It’s the way to develop a happy, healthy, engaged, enthusiastic yet calm horse who is capable of doing everything you can imagine

Whether you’re dancing together on the ground, or with you in the saddle, you lead and he follows softly, listening attentively to your every thought

Lightness is the way to create a horse who wants to truly engage with you in all senses of the word, who responds to the mere weight of your reins and the breath of your boots, who is comfortable to ride and who gives you such a feeling of confidence that you’d trust him with your life

And if you have a taste for more exciting pursuits, whether that’s coping with the odd exploding pheasant while you’re out for a quiet hack or tackling serious cross-country fences, you’ll be thankful you’re riding a horse you can trust to listen and respond so you can both keep safe

‘Riding light’ on a light horse is a dance of joy. It looks beautiful, it feels amazing and most importantly of all,
horses absolutely love it!

So, how can YOU learn what you need to know
to ‘ride light’?

After all, great practical lessons from a great teacher still aren’t enough!

I was a bit lost and floundering in between my excellent lessons. I knew I wanted to learn more… But it’s difficult to cram everything into an hour...I wanted to pay extra so I can have half an hour to talk over things… but any instructor has to be a bit strict about getting the lessons done, they can’t always hang around and chat..."

Ginny Banks

"When you're with your instructor in a lesson for an hour, you think, 'Oh I've got to remember it all', but you can't! "

Rebecka Blenntoft

How can you learn to understand your horse more intimately than ever before and give him the help he really needs, without spending a fortune or taking 20 years (or more!) to piece it all together?

Imagine, just for a moment...

...that you had a way to clearly understand what your horse is trying to tell you…

...you had a way to clearly understand exactly what your horse needs whenever you ride him, not just from one day to the next but literally from moment to moment…

...you knew exactly what to do to give him all the help he needs…

And you knew how to do all that in a kind, gentle and horse-friendly way, without the need for gadgets, tight nosebands or any other coercive aids?

Wouldn’t that totally transform the experience FOR BOTH OF YOU?

Well, you don’t have to “imagine” any longer. Because... it’s here.


Made Simple

The 10- week online coaching programme that makes riding and training more productive, more effective and more fun for both you and your horse...
or Your Money Back!

  1. Lifetime access to a continually growing and expanding online teaching library that already contains over 30 hours of video lessons and demos, all distilled into bite-sized, easy to digest chunks that you can watch whenever you like, as often as you like, wherever you like.  
  2. A free app that makes it easy to refer to our teaching and demo videos whenever you need a quick reminder, anywhere you have internet access - even while in the arena or while out hacking. 
  3. Our detailed, step by step, A-Z guide to training progression that acts as your map and compass throughout the journey as you school your own horse.
  4. Regular weekly group Q&A Zoom calls where you get answers to your individual questions
  5. Expert coaching and feedback to help you solve problems and make the progress you want
  6. Our private, members-only Facebook community where you can share your challenges, insights and experiences with other like-minded riders

...because your horse deserves the best!

It’s time to give your riding and training (and your horse’s happiness!) the boost they need! Just like it’s done for our past students:

"I have just got to tell you how amazed I am at Sox’s improvement after all these years!"

And it is due to this programme!
After these modules something has changed, it’s me!!
I just had to say another big Thank You to both of you Derek and Jo.

Laura Lees

"I've definitely had the best year ever with my ex-racehorse George!"

My understanding of the principles of schooling and the understanding of what I'm doing and how to do it and how to break it down has helped me relax more and that certainly helped him.
To be able to go out into the common and have a canter without it being completely bonkers is just amazing!

Ginny Banks

And then there's Iain and Rebecka who've started their youngsters since joining Schooling Made Simple...

"I trust him more than my 14 year old!"

I’m finding that Hendrix is reacting really well, he’s so quick and eager to please. He’s coming on beautifully. I have to say, I’m so chuffed! He is now light in my hand, he has the most wonderful paces, he's just a pleasure to sit on. It's all completely light and gentle and soft.

Iain Cox

"From our very first ride he was
completely chilled and easy"

In the past I didn’t know where to start, I was a bit overwhelmed, thinking I have a huge responsibility for a beautiful living creature and I'm really worried I'm going to mess it up. But Teddy Edward, at four years old, he’s incredible! He understands and he's really understood.
People can't believe what he’s like, they say, ‘I've never known a horse, go through the backing and breaking and walking out so amazingly well.’
I got on him and with the in hand work I had done he knew how to bend, he knew how to turn, he knew how to stop, he knew how to how to go, he knew everything.
I've never had such a bond with a horse. The confidence and the smoothness of the whole thing and the trust is incredible!
That's never happened to me before my whole life: there's the proof of the pudding straight away!

Rebecka Blenntoft

Straight from the horse's mouth!

One of our founder members' horses explains a breakthrough and shares his opinion of Schooling Made Simple 😉

Nemo Horse


And The Horse
Who Just Hated
School Work...

"It’s so wonderful to have
a relaxed horse who enjoys his work!

I didn't school Mickey before because neither of us enjoyed it and it was stressful. Out hacking he was settled and happy and he was enjoying himself, and then the minute you took him in the school he'd get tense and worried and so there were a lot of things that we just didn't do.

Schooling Made Simple is so clear for the horse. There’s no pressure on him so he can cope easily. It all clicked for him and he suddenly realised that he could give the right answer. It's been a real breakthrough! He’s now completely fine in the school and we've been able to work on things that we've never been able to work on before.

Georgina Ridal

And What about the horse who
didn't want to be ridden at all?...

"I am thrilled with his progress!"

Haribo, my 8yr old, was written off aged 4 1/2.
He only ever worked for 6 months intermittently.

He hated work, wouldn't go forward, became difficult to mount and eventually even to tack up. He'd been turned away for 3 1/2 years.

I started groundwork with him at the beginning of the course and got on him again about half way through.

I wouldn't have tried working him this way if it weren't for the course.

Josie Waters

This way of riding should be the law!

Thank you so, so much for literally the best programme I have ever experienced. I've gone through my entire 50 years of being alive on this planet, and never had so many epiphanies and breakthroughs in my whole time of being. That's a massive thing!

People are searching, searching, searching and to have all this put in a fantastic course that you know you can return to again and again and to feel that you've got that confidence that you now know what you're doing and you feel supported.

Rebecka Blenntoft

“Every module that we did, there was a light bulb moment!"

Incredible! One of the best learning experiences ever.

This course has joined the dots for me, It’s been phenomenal.  The whole thing has been broken down into such a simple, easy to follow format that even somebody with a busy brain like me didn’t get bogged down with information overload. It was just so simple and so clear!"

Ginny Banks

"What I wanted was some direction"

"I know that I can get a bit aimless and repetitive in my schooling sometimes. Schooling Made Simple made me want to go into the school and practice new things. And  it made me keen to experiment. I find the exercises that you teach are really interesting. You have patterns that I've ever thought of, and they’re actually really useful and show up things that you need to work on.

Georgina Ridal

"It was really motivational"

The modules give you loads to work with in between each week. It was really motivational and it was really nice to be with the others as well. You really feel part of the group.

Lynda Carey

SEE  what's waiting for you inside once you become a member…

Module 1:

What is a schooled horse?

As Steven Covey (author of “The 7 Habits of Highly Successful People”) said: “always start out with the end in mind”.

That's why we’re going to start out by understanding:

  • what exactly is a ‘schooled’ horse? (spoiler - it’s probably not what you think!)
  • what are the key characteristics you need to cultivate throughout your training that develop a calm yet enthusiastic horse who is cooperative and a joy to ride?
  • Understand the right foundations of good schooling that are the essential ingredients for fun and success in EVERY discipline.
  • Understand the mise en main (getting your horse in self carriage and on the bit) in a way that work with your horse's nature and not against it.

Module 2:

Understanding your horse’s nature

Now that you know what you’re aiming for, in this module you’ll discover:

  • how your horse controls his own posture, balance, speed and direction
  • where your own individual horse is starting from, right now, today
  • Why there’s a gap from this starting point to how you’d like him to be
  • why some horses are easier to school than others
  • what to do about it if you have one of the less-easy ones (clue - most riding horses actually fall into this latter category!)

Module 3:


In this module you’ll explore the effects you have on your horse when riding, the challenges that riding presents for your horse and how to use aids that work with his nature instead of against it:

  • the unintended challenges we cause our horses simply by sitting on them
  • asymmetry, what really causes it and how and why you must improve it
  • how to establish a language for 2-way communication
  • how to use the aids in a way that helps, rather than hinders your horse
  • why there is no single ‘correct’ way to use the aids
  • how to be clear without resorting to strong or rough aids
  • how and why riding a green horse differs from riding a more advanced horse
  • why you don’t need gadgets

Module 4:

Schooling on the lunge
New for 2021!

  • How to get started with your horse on the ground in a way that respects his nature
  • How to create the foundations of the language you’ll use throughout your horse’s training
  • How to teach and develop balance on the lunge
  • Understand the critical importance of lunging on straight lines as well as circles 
  • The importance of warming up your horse before getting into the saddle and how to do it

Module 5:

Schooling ‘in hand’
New for 2021!

  • How to use a bridle and bit to promote balance and relaxation in your horse 
  • Teach your horse how to keep himself comfortable with the bit at all times
  • Introduce and develop the rein aids in a clear, simple and gentle way that every horse can understand
  • Using flexions to develop balance, relaxation, flexibility and your horse’s understanding
  • Preparing your horse properly to carry a rider 
  • Establishing the mise en main (getting your horse in self carriage and on the bit)
  • How to introduce and develop lateral work on the ground

Module 6:

Schooling under saddle 1 - the essentials

  • How to establish the right foundations that enable easy and consistent progress to more advanced work
  • Using the aids in a horse-friendly way - in practice
  • Resolving contact problems
  • Developing relaxation, flexibility and your horse’s understanding by using flexions under saddle
  • Using the basic schooling figures to develop the right fundamentals
  • Improving Longitudinal balance and lateral balance
  • Resolving asymmetry and developing straightness
  • Introducing transitions 
  • Introducing rein-back

Module 7:

Schooling under saddle 2 - towards advanced work

  • A simple way to understand each of the classical training exercises (shoulder-in, travers, half pass, renvers, counter shoulder-in
  • Learn how to use the exercises to improve and develop your horse’s physical capabilities 
  • when and how to introduce each exercise
  • how to improve and develop them
  • how to know when your horse is ready for the next step
  • why starting with what’s easiest isn’t always the best approach
  • Developing transitions
  • Developing rein-back
  • Developing the two types of collection in preparation for piaffe, passage and canter pirouettes (without compression between hand and leg!)

Module 8:

Schooling under saddle 3 - Canter

  • Understanding the canter and why it can pose particular difficulties
  • How and when to introduce the canter with horses who find it difficult
  • How to solve the difficulties in getting a particular lead
  • Straightening the canter
  • How to develop the quality of your horse’s canter
  • Counter canter
  • Canter lateral work
  • All about flying changes


Our A-Z step by step map of training progression

To make planning your next schooling session super-easy and fun:

We give you our 25-page, done for you, illustrated A to Z map of how to develop your horse’s mental and physical education

  • Easily tailor your training plan and schooling sessions to suit your individual horse 
  • Check and develop the critical, fundamental building blocks on which all further training depends
  • Understand how each step prepares for the next and depends on the quality of the one before

"I use it all the time"

"I've got a copy of the A-Z map at the yard. Before every schooling session, I have a look and see what I'm going to do. The fact it's in a logical order as well, it's really really helpful. I use it all the time, I really do."

Lynda Carey

"It’s about knowing where you are and how to get to where you're going"

"The A-Z map was really, really useful. It’s about knowing what to check and what milestones and markers you need to think about on the way and what you're aiming to get."

Rebecka Blenntoft

Why we’re not charging nearly as much as we should for this programme

After so many people asked us to, we created the first version of Schooling Made Simple last year and launched it to a small group of founder members whose experiences and feedback have helped us shape and develop it.  

We’re now ready to open the doors again to a limited number of early adopters who want to get the benefits of the core course modules, maps & guides and group coaching processes our founders have helped us try out, test and refine.

PLUS we’ll be adding two brand new modules as we deliver this years’ version of the course over the next few weeks. 

Over the subsequent months and years it will be expanded and developed into our signature online coaching programme and will eventually be offered at an investment of between £1000 and £2000. 

At that price, it’s already a complete no-brainer. Why? Well, when you consider the costs of sending your horse to someone with the right skills and experience to look after and fully train him or her for you, you could easily end up spending way more than 10 times that much! And we really don’t want to think about just how much it could cost you in vet bills, therapist bills, heartache and anguish if your horse developed long term problems caused by someone else’s unsympathetic or coercive riding! 

If you’ve read this far, chances are you can already see what understanding your horse at a deeper level, knowing exactly how to give him or her the help they really need and having a constantly growing resource of information, step by step guides and expert guidance to fall back on will do for both of you. 

And let’s not look at just one horse…

...but every other horse you ride… now, or in the future! Because...

You get to Take Everything You'll Learn About Understanding, Riding and Schooling horses more effectively With You Forever!

Now, because we’re adding a couple of brand new modules to this 2021 version and we’d like to work with people who’ll be willing and able to test them out, forgive a few rough edges and give us the feedback we’ll need to polish and perfect them, right now we’re offering a VERY SPECIAL DEAL to a limited number of new members. 

If you enroll in the programme now as an early adopter, you’ll get LIFETIME ACCESS to the course content and ALL FUTURE UPGRADES, at a huge discount off the full investment that would be required to join the programme in the future when it’s fully finished. 

That’s right, when you join Schooling Made Simple online programme today, you’ll get all the benefits of future additions and enhancements to the programme but WITH NOTHING MORE TO PAY!

Plus, you can rest easy knowing that we’ve taken ALL of the risk out of investing with our 100% no-quibble money back guarantee.

Just 6 monthly installments of £99.50

(Just £99.50 Today)


OR Click Here to Save £100 When You Pay in Full!

But you’ll need to act fast!

Because we need to get the programme started on April 17th, we’re going to keep this offer open only until either midnight UK time on Friday 16th April or when all the early adopter spots are taken, whichever comes first. After that, this chance will be gone and right now we don’t know when we’ll be able to accept more new members again. What we do know is that the price will almost certainly be higher when we do!

"If you have questions,
they'll be answered in this course

If you feel like you are struggling a little bit on your own then don't hesitate to jump in on the course. I would also say whichever is your preferred way of learning whether you like to watch things, do things, write things down, all of those options are there for you.

Ginny Banks

"It’s a no brainer!

If you want to improve, do the programme, it’s a no brainer! It will give you things to think about, that maybe you didn't realise the importance of. It's the little things that made the difference. Knowing when you can introduce the different exercises. Having the whole programme laid out for you in a logical order. It tells you what's important and what will get help you to make progress. And it does it in a way that's easy to follow and gives you the results.

Lynda Carey

"If you want to change everything for the better, you just have to do it!

If you really genuinely want to push forward into new ground and stop doing the same old things over and over again expecting different results, then you have to do it. It's changed things so much! I was dithering as to whether to actually just hang up my boots. Now I'm actually excited about having a beautifully balanced horse.

Rebecka Blenntoft

Our iron-clad, no-quibble guarantee

Because we are so confident in our ability to deliver on our promise and because we appreciate the trust you'll be putting in us by believing in us to deliver a great programme that builds and builds in value, we’re including our 100% no quibble money back guarantee.

There are no 'trick' hoops to jump through with this. We want you to be telling your friends how absolutely delighted you are with our programme. Put simply, if you are not delighted with it for any reason in the first 90 days, all you'll have to do is let us know and we'll refund 100% of the purchase price. It's as simple as that.

And there’s even more!

When You Enrol in Schooling Made Simple Today You’ll Also Get

the following 6 BONUSES

(Valued at over £1200)

included absolutely FREE!


A Set of Done-For-You Sample Session Guides


A set of done for you, ‘fill in the blanks’ schooling session example templates to help you get started making the most of your schooling sessions.



Being an Athlete

  • appreciate what it’s like physically and psychologically to be the one UNDER the saddle
  • understand the relationship between work, rest and recovery
  • discover how you can accelerate your horse’s learning as well as your own


The Psychology of Training - for Horses


How to engage your horse’s mind throughout the process of training



Physical Aspects of Training

  • Understand what limits how fast your horse’s physical capacity improves
  • Learn how to maximise progress and minimise wasted time when riding and training
  • Know how much to ask, how much is enough
  • Understand when and how to give breaks


The Psychology of Training - for Riders

  • Demystifying the ‘road to mastery’
  • How to bounce back from disappointments and deal with criticism


What to do when you hit a plateau and don’t seem to be able to make progress

Our guide to help you understand why these plateaus are something to welcome and not something to be afraid of - once you know how to navigate your way through them effectively


When you join Schooling Made Simple, you'll get everything you need to make riding and training the most productive, the most effective and the most fun it’s ever been for both you and your horse! Including...

  • Lifetime access to the 8 essential modules of bite-sized training and demos every rider needs in order to learn how to truly understand their horse and give him the moment by moment help he needs 
  • Instant access via an app for quick reference anytime, anywhere you have an internet connection 
  • Our 25 page illustrated A-Z map and compass to guide you through all stages of the training process
  • Weekly group calls so you get the answers to your specific questions
  • A thriving members’ community to support you and your horse on your journey
  • Coaching, feedback and friendly advice from an Olympic level coach and an Olympic level athlete with expertise and experience in riding horses, schooling horses, starting horses, saddle fitting, equine podiatry, problem solving, sports psychology, fitness training...

And much, much more!

That makes everything you get worth over £11,430 in value and you can get it all for just £99.50 today!

Just 6 monthly installments of £99.50

(Just £99.50 Today)


OR Click Here to Save £100 When You Pay in Full!

"Derek and Jo do such a good job of explaining

I've had some trainers in the past who are excellent riders and get an excellent tune out of a horse but who just aren't that great at explaining what they're doing. You do that, and you're brilliant at it. You show how it should feel and how to get it and you make it very clear.
I found that the demo videos with Jo and Magic were great. To be able to see it, and how it worked and the reactions you got. Seeing it in real time is very, very helpful.

Georgina Ridal

"You don't just see the finished horse

It was so very helpful that you explain how this might go wrong or that might go wrong and what you need do to help. Quite often when you see online demos, you just see a great finished product but there is actually not much information on troubleshooting.

Ginny Banks

If you keep doing the same thing but expect a different result...

You’ve probably heard the old story about how every journey begins with a single first step.

And that first step for you is about making a DECISION.

It’s time for you to make a choice:

If you already have the horse of your dreams, a horse who’s light to your hands, light to your legs, responds to your mere thoughts and does everything you could ever ask with ease and enthusiasm, then you don’t need our programme - you need to go and celebrate!

But if you need some help in solving your current issues without resorting to force or gadgets, or want to know exactly how to make real progress in your riding and training and have a happier horse, then your options are simple:

You can choose to do nothing... and then of course nothing changes. The problem just becomes worse...

OR you can choose to be the CAUSE IN THE MATTER and do something about it.

You can choose to avoid the problem altogether and hope that it will magically go away (guess what - it won’t).

OR you can get 100% Committed to doing something about it!

If you choose the latter, then now is your time to get signed up and get started!

Otherwise, you can just click right off this page!

But CHOOSE Quickly!

For this early adopter launch of Schooling Made Simple, we’re only accepting a limited number of new members at the special heavily discounted rate. We don’t know when we’ll be offering places to new members again and the price will almost certainly be higher when we do. What that means is that there’s never been a better time than RIGHT NOW to get started.

If you put this off, what will change? So don’t wait! You can get started today

Join now and become the Knowledgeable, Adaptable, ‘Light Rider’ Your Horse Deserves!

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"If you have questions,
they'll be answered in this course

If you feel like you are struggling a little bit on your own then don't hesitate to jump in on the course. I would also say whichever is your preferred way of learning whether you like to watch things, do things, write things down, all of those options are there for you.

Ginny Banks

"It’s a no brainer!

If you want to improve, do the programme, it’s a no brainer! It will give you things to think about, that maybe you didn't realise the importance of. It's the little things that made the difference. Knowing when you can introduce the different exercises. Having the whole programme laid out for you in a logical order. It tells you what's important and what will get help you to make progress. And it does it in a way that's easy to follow and gives you the results.

Lynda Carey

"If you want to change everything for the better, you just have to do it!

If you really genuinely want to push forward into new ground and stop doing the same old things over and over again expecting different results, then you have to do it. It's changed things so much! I was dithering as to whether to actually just hang up my boots. Now I'm actually excited about having a beautifully balanced horse.

Rebecka Blenntoft

Do you have a pressing question you need answering before you decide to join us? Here are the answers to the most popular ones we’ve had so far…

Just 6 monthly installments of £99.50

(Just £99.50 Today)


OR Click Here to Save £100 When You Pay in Full!

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