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"Murphy is much more willing. My instructor said 'I don't know what you're doing but he has never been so good.' He's generally a happier horse.  He likes me riding him this way. He comes out of his stable and he’s happy and willing. I have a better relationship with him. We understand each other better, if that makes sense? I'm not forcing him to do anything, he's doing it willingly."

Lynda Carey


"My horses are really happy, you can almost see them smiling. Riding this way allows them to move their bodies and dance. It makes them happier and it makes them healthier. It makes their muscles tone up in the right places and they're just physically well. What I care about is the longevity of the horse. And the happiness of the horse, which then makes you happy."

Laura Lees


"I've definitely had the best year ever with my ex-racehorse George. His lateral work has come on in leaps and bounds. My understanding of what I'm doing and how to do it and how to break it down has helped me relax a little bit more and that certainly helped him. I'm absolutely thrilled! 

To be able to go out into the common and have a canter without it being completely bonkers is just amazing!"

Ginny Banks



"I've had some trainers in the past who are excellent riders and get an excellent tune out of a horse but who just aren't that great at explaining what they're doing.

You do such a good job of explaining, and showing how it should feel and how to get it and you make it very clear."

Georgina Ridal


"I've been riding horses for something like 55 years. When I found you a penny dropped and I realised that, you know what, this is the way of riding I've been looking for.  What you have given me is the missing link to becoming an effective, efficient horseman who rides in the way in which I want to ride."

Iain Cox



"This way of riding should be the law!

I've gone through my entire 50 years of being alive on this planet, and never had so many epiphanies and breakthroughs.

That's a massive thing!"

Rebecka Blenntoft